Motogadget mo.lock NFC Keyless Ignition System
Motogadget mo.lock NFC Keyless Ignition System
Motogadget mo.lock NFC Keyless Ignition System
Motogadget mo.lock NFC Keyless Ignition System
Motogadget mo.lock NFC Keyless Ignition System
Motogadget mo.lock NFC Keyless Ignition System
Motogadget mo.lock NFC Keyless Ignition System
Motogadget mo.lock NFC Keyless Ignition System
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For many years Motogadget is synonymous with high quality instruments and innovative accessories for the motor bike market. Their product’s outstanding design, features, material and finish make us premier choice for many modders, customizers and bike enthusiasts.

Many of their products are either completely unique or only available from us in certain configurations or dimensions. The product portfolio includes but is not limited to analogue and digital multi functional instruments, electronic switching and control elements, glassless rear-view mirrors, turn signals, push button controls and much more!


The mo.lock NFC is a contactless, digital ignition lock which replaces mechanical ignition locks or their electrical switching function. The associated key switches the ignition on or off without contact when approaching the mo.lock at a switching distance of approx. 40 mm.

The mo.lock NFC is based on the technology "Near-Field-Communication" and is therefore, in contrast to radio remote controls, extremely tamper-proof. Each key is unique due to its digital code. Only the correct digital code can operate the mo.lock. Neither the key nor the mo.lock can wear out mechanically. The mo.lock switches a car relay that can be loaded with up to 40A - sufficient for any vehicle electrical system. The hidden installation of the small mo.lock behind non-metallic parts, e.g. a plastic side cover, allows the complete removal of the mechanical ignition lock. Clean looks and design freedom are guaranteed. Ideal possibilities especially for custom bikes. The two included keys have the size of a key fob and can be used to switch the on-board voltage or to teach new keys. A maximum of 125 keys can be learned on one mo.lock NFC. Further keys are available from us. The mo.lock NFC has a LED on the front side, which shows the switching states with different colors. To protect the vehicle battery, the standby current is only 3.2 mA when switched off, reduces to 1.5 mA after 16 hours and to 0.75 mA after a further 8 days. We do not recommend using the mo.lock in conjunction with an immobilizer. Please ask your dealer if the immobilizer can be deactivated. can be deactivated.


  • NFC technology is tamper-proof
  • each key has a unique code
  • Key/key switches the mo.lock NFC without contact and the entire vehicle electrical system via the relay
  • Key and mo.lock are not subject to mechanical wear
  • the keys do not need a battery and therefore can not fail
  • No overloading or scorching of contacts possible due to indirect switching via 40 A load relay
  • the mo.lock NFC is very small and can be mounted hidden in many places
  • the mo.lock NFC is overmolded with a non-flammable thermoset and therefore 100% water and vibration resistant (IP69)
  • Keys are appealingly small (30mm diameter) and light (2gr.)
  • Additional keys can be purchased from us and trained on the mo.lock - this means that the key service is already integrated.
  • Due to the switching distance of approx. 4 cm, contactless, convenient switching on and off is safely ensured, but unintentional actuation is excluded
  • An integrated RGB LED indicates the status of the mo.lock NFC when in use and when teaching new keys
  • to protect the vehicle battery, the mo.lock NFC automatically reduces the quiescent current in 3 stages when not in use

Technical Data

  • Diameter of the transmitter/receiver on the vehicle 32 mm
  • Height 12 mm without plug contacts and housing
  • Weightl approx. 35 g
  • Mounting 1 x M3 threaded bushing on rear side, bracket with 2 mounting holes
  • Operating voltage8 V - 18 V
  • Operating temperature -20°... +80°C

Included in delivery

  • mo.lock NFC with high quality cable terminals for 3 wires in thermoset injection molded housing
  • 2 keys
  • 1 car relay 12V / 40A with flat terminals and insulator sleeves
  • Detailed mounting and operating instructions
  • The ready mo.lock wiring harness for quick and easy installation can be ordered here under accessories.

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1 Review:

Love it!
19 September 2018  | 

I've just built a custom cafe racer and this gadget is brilliant! It's a real talking point amongst other bikers who look the Bike over and can't find the big clumpy ignition switch. Literally took me less than an hour to fit. The only gripe I had was the two little m3x5 screws weren't included.