KOSO DB-02 Gauge for off road bikes - Speed, RPM, clock
KOSO DB-02 Gauge for off road bikes - Speed, RPM, clock
KOSO DB-02 Gauge for off road bikes - Speed, RPM, clock
KOSO DB-02 Gauge for off road bikes - Speed, RPM, clock
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The DB-02 LCD meter was especially made to fit your off-road needs it is also suitable for road bikes that do not need a fuel gauge.. Its small inner battery makes it usable on all dirt bikes and ATV’s that don’t have a 12 volts battery. Its great shape and nice LCD display make it the perfect meter to get for your off-road use. The changeable RPM scale allows this meter to fit on about any engine application. This instrument also features a 3 stage shift light to allow you to shift your gears perfectly. Beside those great functions, the DB-02 features speed, odometer, trip meter, RPM, inner battery level, temperature, hour meter and more.

  • E-marked
  • Speedometer to 220 MPH 320KPH
  • Tachometer 0 - 20K programmable scale
  • White back light if connected to 12 volts DC
  • Hour Meter
  • Volt Meter
  • Programmable shift light 
  • Temperature gauge
  • Internal Battery or 12 volts DC
  • Includes mounting bracket
  • Includes speed sensor & magnets
  • Includes wiring diagram & English operating instructions


Speedometer Display range : 0~360km/h (0~225MPH)
Display unit : km/h or MPH
Display internal < 0.5 Second
Odometer Display range : 0~99999 km (mile), reset automatically after 0~99999 km (mile)
Display unit : 1 km (mile)
Trip meter A/B Display range : 0~999.9 km (mile), reset automatically after 0~999.9 km (mile)
Display unit : 0.1 km (mile)
Speeding warning light Setting range : 30~360 km/h (19~225 MPH)
Setting unit : 1 km/h (MPH)
Top speed record Display range : 0~360 km/h (0~225 MPH)
Tire circumference Setting range : 300 2,500 mm
Setting unit : 1 mm
Sensor point : 6
Digital Tachometer Display range : 20,000 RPM
Display unit : 10 RPM
Bar graph tachometer
(60 segment bar graph)
Display range : 10,000 RPM
Display unit : 166 RPM to each segmentDisplay range : 15,000 RPM
Display unit : 250 RPM to each segmentDisplay range : 20,000 RPM
Display unit : 333 RPM to each segment
RPM shift light Display range : 5,000~20,000
Display unit : 100 RPM
Pre-shift light A/B Display range : -500~ -5,000 before the shift light
Display unit : 100 RPM
Max. RPM record Display range : 0~20,000 RPM
RPM input pulse Display range : 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6
Hour meter Display range : 0~999.9 H
Display unit : 0.1H (6S)
Thermometer Display unit : ºC or ºF
Thermometer A/B Display range : 0~250ºC (32~482ºF)
Display unit : 0.1ºC (ºF)
Clock 24H
Display internal <0.5 second
Temperature alarm A/B Display range : 60~250ºC (140~482ºF)
Display unit : 1ºC (ºF)
Top temperature record Display range : 0~250ºC (32~482ºF)
Volt meter Display range : DC 0~18.0 V
Display unit : DC 0.1 V
Back light DC 12 V
Battery type (LCD display) CR 2032
Battery life time ±220 hours nonstop
Effective temperature range -10~ 60ºC (14~ 140ºC)
Meter standard JIS D 0203S2
Meter Size 100 x 60 x 20mm
Meter weight ±200G
Indicator lights
  • Speeding (Red)
  • Temperature alarm A/B (Red)
  • RPM shift light A (Yellow)
  • RPM shift light B (Amber)
  • RPM shift light (Red)