Bodis Exhausts


Bodis have 30 years experience in processing stainless steel and titanium. Their research and development department construct groundbreaking exhaust systems for motorcycle racing and street use. Bodis focus mainly on a range of aesthetic exhaust systems offering increased efficiency and optimised sound.

Development and manufacturing takes place in Hungry, while homologation and global distribution is done in Germany. Wherever the exhaust is in the manufacturing process, Bodis take great pride in their products, constantly striving to meet high standards and the best possible performance from their exhaust systems - they handle even the smallest details with great care.

In the development of exhaust systems for new motorcycles - where catalytic converters are fitted as standard, Bodis create systems where the cat is inbuilt - keeping the exhaust compliant with EU exhaust emission standards.

Every exhaust Bodis develop is equipped with a dB Killer. Racing baffles are available to meet different race circuit requirements.