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Motogadget Chrono Classic Speedo

Motogadget Chrono Classic Speedo
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Our Price:  £424.95(Inc. 20% VAT)
REVS 0 - 10000rpm:  
REVS 0 - 14000rpm:  

Model:  2004049
Brand:  Motogadget

The Chronoclassic

The Chronoclassic from motogadget is technically identical to the familiar motoscope classic. The dimensions, functions and mounting accessories are the same. The most evident differences are the white numbers on the black dial in a design reminiscent of the old Smiths tachometers.

Accordingly, the needle on the analog tachometer is painted white and its aluminum hub extra polished. The latter harmonises famously with the polished outer ring, with which the Chronoclassic is provided in the standard version. The instrument can also be ordered with a black anodised ring on request. It then has a very calm and nearly timeless effect.

Another version pertains to the LCD display. The standard design is always delivered with an LCD with a green background. It is 'transflective', which means that the contrast increases with incidental light, thus ensure the best possible readability.
The Chronoclassic DarkEdition has a converted LCD with bright numbers on a dark background. Together with the dark dial, it looks even more harmonic and integrates the LCD into the overall design much better. However, it is less readable with a high incidence of light/sun because the transflective properties lose their effectiveness. Please consider this when making your selection. Later modification is not possible!

As with all our products, state-of-the-art technology, high-quality materials, final assembly in handicraft and intensive quality assurance guarantee maximum visual and functional quality 'made in Germany'.

The Casing
The high-quality billet aluminum casing is turned and milled on CNC machines. The surface is brushed and for the Chronoclassic, always anodised in black. The casing is fully watertight. The instrument's transparent plate is manufactured out of a special scratch-resistant plastic. The flat casing ensures greater flexibility when installing and designing the cockpit. The common mounting dimensions of 80 mm often make replacing the original instruments very easy.

The analog display with needle and the LC display
The white needle on a black dial optimises engine speed readability. The dial uses an innovative, full-surface backlit display.
Adjustable transmission ratio factors and needle damping ensures the precise and jitter-free engine speed display by the stepper motor.
The green LC display is also very easy to read and illuminated in direct sunlight. The dark LCD of the 'DarkEdition' is more difficult to read in bright light.
Four ultra-bright control LEDs complete the instrument. The red LED functions as a warning light when reaching the specified thresholds for engine speed, temperature (min./max.), pressure measurement (min./max.), as well as for the oil pressure switch or similar sensors which may be available. The various warning functions are distinguishable by different flashing rates.

A menu button or high-beam button on the handlebar is used to switch from one display mode to another. The first few lines permanently display the speed. Other measured values can be retrieved by pressing the button on the display as needed. The menu button is also the programming knob used to enter all of the specific values of the vehicle.
Settings or saved values always persist even without any power supply.

Installation and connection
The Chronoclassic can generally be installed on almost any motorcycle. Its small dimensions and conventional installation diameter makes mounting the instrument to any motorcycle easy. We offer various optional mounting cups, supports and mounting accessories. See Installation/accessories on the webshop below.

Sensors and connecting Cables
Delivery includes the system plugs for all interconnecting electrical cables as well as an approved Dry Reed sensor for speed measurement.
An approximately 1,5 m long connecting cable makes it possible to attach it to the front or rear wheel.
The signal cable for engine speed measurement is simply attached to the ignition coil or spark plug.

Furthermore, we offer sensors suited to the optional measurement of air, oil and water temperature as well as oil pressure. Versions (engine speed scale, ignition)
The casings are available in black. The standard threaded ring is polished, but can also be anodised in black. The standard version is equipped with a green LCD. The 'DarkEdition' has a dark LCD. All instruments available with engine speed scales up to 10,000 rpm or 14,000 rpm. Different threaded rings, LCD designs or scales have not effect on the price.

Instruments for CDI ignitions (capacitor ignitions), which are often used in Enduros, Quads and vehicles with two-stroke engines, may possibly require a special ignition signal pickup unit. Please ask for details regarding compatibility to your vehicle.

Technical data and functions
  • Installation diameter: 80 mm
  • Overall diameter (threaded ring): 85 mm
  • Depth without cable gland: 34 mm
  • Weight: approx. 230 g
  • Current consumption in operation: approx. 150 mA (max.)
  • Current consumption in idle state: 0 mA
  • Operating voltage: 9 V - 18 V
  • Operating temperature: -20°... +80°C

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